Entwood Property Management is a leader in Community Association Management. As a board member working with your community association, you have fiduciary responsibilities that obligate you to make decisions that can have a profound financial and social impact on your community. Receiving professional and accurate advice and guidance on issues such as reserves, maintenance, insurance, budgets, governance, contracts, the law, and rules enforcement can mean the difference between a prosperous or poorly managed community. 


Entwood Property Management provides personalized solutions that allow boards and communities of all sizes to maximize efficiency and success.


Our services include:

  • Professional consultations to the board of directors

  • Negotiating and soliciting service contracts

  • Accurate billing and timely collections

  • Forecasting and budgeting

  • Hiring, training and supervising onsite personnel and subcontractors

  • Reviewing property conditions and enforcing governing documents

  • Assisting the board in the resolution of member disputes

  • Assisting owners and real estate agents with escrow documents

  • Annual meeting assistance, from setup and mailing of meeting notices and announcements, to help in securing a quorum

  • Meeting agenda compilation and distribution

  • 24/7 emergency services



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Full Service Management

Full service management is our most comprehensive service offering. This includes the handling of all day-to-day aspects of managing your community while keeping board members well informed at all times. Our full service management can help minimize the stress and time commitment of serving on a board. We recognize that board members are typically volunteers with jobs, family commitments and personal lives.

Accounting Services

Monthly financial reporting is made seamless. Our financial reports are clear, easy-to-read, and provide all the tools necessary for the association board of directors to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities. Entwood offers a convenient process to automatically debit monthly assessments directly from personal bank accounts with the security of Auto Pay -Direct Debit

Escrow Documents

  • Resale Documents
    Individual Documents
    Full Package

  • HOA Certificates/Questionnaires
    Standard Form
    Custom Form

  • Escrow Demand Statements Closing Statements

  • Evidence of Insurance Certificates

Not all products are available for every HOA.

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